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The Bangor Masonic Center is a beautiful historic building with an updated kitchen and large dining hall. Our event space is perfect to rent for your next private or corporate party or event!

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Bangor Masonic Center

Known to many in Bangor as the Bangor Theological Seminary building, the impressive white steeple of this 19thcentury church, which has been converted to the Bangor Masonic Center, overlooks downtown and far beyond.

Now owned by the Masonic fraternity (‘the Freemasons’), it is where meetings and activities for the greater Bangor area are held.

Its spacious dining hall and kitchen facilities are available for rental on a one-time or repeating basis with handicapped access and considerable free parking.

294 Union St, Bangor, ME 04401

What are the Masons Planning?

The chapel will become the lodge hall. The dining room and kitchen will continue to function in the same fashion and be available for the use of non-profit groups as well as the Masonic Fraternity. The large classroom over the kitchen and the adjacent office will become a second lodge hall and DeMolay room. The basement classroom where the childcare is located will continue in its same capacity. The classrooms above the church that are no longer rented by the Penobscot Theater Group will become the Learning Center. One of the two rooms off the lodge hall will be a Masonic library and museum. The other one will be a preparation room and storage for the three Blue Lodges. The rest of the building will be used as storage for the equipment and regalia of the other Masonic bodies.

There is some cosmetic work to be done as well as a few repairs to the exterior of the building to make it perfect. The biggest job will be the renovation of the chapel to a lodge hall and the installation of the 32 Learning Center. We also have to install a new electrical entrance. While it was in the possession of the Seminary the buildings received excellent care, which will make our endeavors a lot easier.

The land area consists of 3 acres and has 94 existing parking spaces, with a possibility of increasing it to 144 spaces. We hope to see them used frequently by various Masonic and related bodies.

The Foundation is a 501© (3) tax-free corporation. Needless to say we will have a fundraising campaign. Anyone who wishes may make donations to the Bangor Masonic Foundation at 294 Union St., Suite 1, Bangor, ME 04401.

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Scottish Rite

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